“…one reason the buttons on our coveralls are located within a flap of material, is that metal buttons
would otherwise burn your skin.”
“…we found ourselves in a sort of eerie calm. The sea, clouds, and what we could see of the sky were all a sort of dirty olive green colour. The clouds were tearing round the periphery of this calm in a big circle.”
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Bill Ballingall, a past sea going engineer, of Daniel Stewart’s College, class of ’60, was ‘volunteered’ to prepare some notes for the annual Stewart’s Melville magazine, FPNews, regarding his seagoing career with BP.

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Bill was contacted by Jack Mainland, the editor and they met in the Roseburn Bar, Edinbugh for a chat.

Jack soon realised that their conversation was developing into a sort of a question and answer session.

This website is a record of how that conversation went……

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